Limbitless Solutions INC

About Limbitless Solutions INC

Limbitless Solutions Inc. is a non-profit organization that develops custom bionics and disability technology. Our goal is to infuse engineering with artistic design to create beautiful and functional devices.


Airbrush artist

August 2021 Orlando, FL
“The disability advocacy and cross-collaboration with different teams, from engineering to the arts!”

engineering scholar

September 2019 Orlando, FL
“The atmosphere of the office is incredibly positive, being a part of the team is like a family. The leadership and peers are always supportive and willing to help you learn more, all you have to do is ask. This is one of the most incredible places you could ever be. Every time you go into the office there is an overwhelming sense of positivity and care, and if you don't know something there is not a single person in the lab that wouldn't help you. The impact this organization has on the nation is beautiful and powerful, and I genuinely have never felt so fulfilled going to work every day.”
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